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Patron management

With Tipasa, you can access your library's patron accounts for viewing, editing, and approving.

 Learn more in a training course: Patron Management & Notifications

Patron approval 

You have the option to turn on patron approval in OCLC Service Configuration. Turning on patron approval will provide you with the ability to manually approve newly registered interlibrary loan patrons. This will allow you to verify that the patron is in good standing with your library before processing their interlibrary loan or Document Delivery request.

If you do not turn on patron approval, all patrons will be treated as if they are approved and staff are not required to take action on patron accounts.

Regardless of whether you have turned on patron approval, you can also block patrons. You may want to block patrons who are not in good standing with your library if you do not want patrons with excessive overdue items, fines, or fees to be allowed to request items.

Viewing and editing patrons 

You can search for patrons and edit their account information. Patrons information appears in My Account. In My Account, patrons can place and view their interlibrary loan requests. They can also opt to receive notifications via email or SMS messages about their interlibrary loan requests.

  • Create patron accounts
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  • Manage patron accounts
    Learn how to approve and block patrons as well as how to link a patron account to a borrowing request.  Find information about patron ILL statuses and how to turn on patron approval in Tipasa.
  • Search for patrons
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  • Tipasa patron data files
    Find information about migrating patron data from your library's existing patron records to Tipasa.