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Make a copyright clearance selection

Find information about the available copyright clearance selections as well as the Use Count for US copyright management in Tipasa.

Once a title has been matched (see Matching a title to a request for details), you must select a copyright clearance in order for the request to move out of the Copyright queue (if enabled) or be able to be processed.

Copyright clearance selections

There are four available copyright clearance selections:

Mark as Description
Cleared for Fair Use (CCG)

This option marks the request as Conforms to Copyright Guidelines (CCG) and adds to the use count for the title.

No payment is planned. The Use Count will be incremented.

Cleared with fee payment required (CCG)

This option marks the request as CCG and adds to the use count for the title. If you select this option, you must also record a payment amount that will be paid in the future. By providing the issue date and number of pages, the fee will be automatically populated based on information from the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). If the system cannot exactly match the title, you will be presented with multiple titles and can select the appropriate one. If there is no match, you can click Click View cost and purchasing permissions to go to the Copyright Clearance Center website and view the payment amount for the item.

An amount greater than 0 must be entered into the USD and total number of pages required fieldsfield. All amounts are in United States Dollars (USD). The Use Count will be incremented.


This option should be used if you are going to pay for the item immediately from another provider or directly to the rights owner. Other can also be used when you have already purchased rights, but you are requesting another copy (for example, your library's copy is out for binding).

You must select CCG, CCL, or None. The note regarding the selection is optional. It will only appear to your library.

Cancel request and do not clear

This option should be used if you have evaluated copyright use and have determined not to incur the charge. Note: This is the same as canceling a request with the cancel button at the top of the request.

No copyright choice is needed as the request will be canceled. This may be used if your library has reached its copyright royalty payment budget for the year.

Use Count

Use Count (Total Uses) is the number of times a title was requested in a calendar year. Use Count includes free uses as well as uses where a royalty payment will be made. It includes every copyright selection marked as Conforms to Copyright Guidelines (CCG). Use Count does not include requests that fall under copyright law - Conforms to Copyright Law (CCL).

Once Use Count reaches five and above for a given title, the Use Count number will have an orange background. This allows you to easily see that the CONTU recommended five free uses for the year has been reached. It does not prohibit the user from continuing to mark the title as Cleared for Fair Use.

Note: Libraries should be aware that they need to consider their own interpretation of copyright laws and guidelines and mark requests accordingly.

Pending fulfillment

Requests that are submitted to lenders are only tentatively added to the use count. Requests are only added to the use count once they have been fulfilled by a lender. For example, if the Use Count is 5 (1 of 5 pending fulfillment), it means 5 requests have been submitted (and 1 out of the 5 may or may not be filled by the lender). If the pending request is fulfilled by a lender, the Use Count becomes 5. If the pending request goes unfulfilled or is canceled, the Use Count will be reduced to 4.