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Copyright overview

Find information about the copyright queue, the copyright clearance accordion and copyright on closed requests for US copyright management in Tipasa.

Copyright queue

The Copyright queue appears on the left navigation under Borrowing Requests when the feature is turned on in OCLC Service Configuration. See Set up copyright for more information. New requests appear in the queue if they are designated as copy requests and their Issue Date is within your library's copyright time frame. Once a copyright clearance has been selected for a request, it no longer appears in the queue. This topic describes the sections of the Copyright queue.

Screenshot from of the Copyright queue in Tipasa with sections identifed by number

1. Copyright queue
The Copyright queue only appears in the left navigation when there are requests available for processing. Copy requests that have an Issue Date within your copyright timeframe and do not yet have a copyright clearance assigned will also be available in the Copyright queue in addition to any other queues they fall into. The batch icon (batch procssing icon) in the left navigation indicates there are requests available for batch processing. Once a copyright clearance has been selected in the request, it will no longer appear in the Copyright queue.
2. Batch processing
With batch processing you can mark multiple items as fair use or cancel multiple requests at once. Once you have batch processed a group of items, they will be removed out of the Copyright queue. For more information on batch processing, see Batch processing for borrowers and Batch processing for lenders.
3. Results
The number of results you receive and your place in the results list appears at the top and bottom of the results list. To refresh the results list, click the Refresh icon (Refresh icon).
4. Used
The Used column displays the title's Use Count. If the request does not match a copyright WorldCat record, a question mark (?) appears. For information on interpreting a title's Use Count, see Use Count.
5. ID
The ID column displays the Request ID. Click the ID to view the request.
6. Title
The Title column displays the journal title being requested. Click the Title to view the request.
7. Patron
The Patron column displays the patron who is requesting the item. Click the Patron to view their patron account.
8. Rows
The number of rows per page and page navigation buttons appear at the top and bottom of the results list. Select a number from the Rows list to change the number of rows you see per page. If there is more than one page of results, use the navigation buttons to move between pages.
9. Pledged Copyright Payments Total
The Pledged Copyright Payments Total records the total amount of pledged copyright payments for closed and open requests for the calendar year.
10. Export All
Use the Export All button to download all requests in the table as a comma separated value (CSV) file for import into Microsoft Excel or other applications. To export data for all requests in the Copyright queue, click Export All. For more information, see Export.

Copyright clearance accordion

When copyright management is turned on, the Copyright Clearance accordion appears in borrowing requests that have Copy selected as their Type. In the Copyright Clearance accordion, you can match the request's title to other titles in your copyright table and make a copyright clearance selection.

Screenshot of the Copyright Clearance section in a copy request with sections identified by number

The following describes the different fields in the Copyright Clearance accordion:

1. Copyright matching
The appearance of the accordion varies depending on the data present in the request and whether the requested item can be matched to a title in your copyright table. The image above shows the Copyright Clearance accordion of a request that has been matched to a title in the copyright table. If a request has not yet been matched, you will see the following:

Screenshot of Copyright Clearance accordion showing no match found

For more information on matching titles, see Matching a title to a request.

2. Total uses
The Total uses field displays the use count when a title match has been made. As seen in the image under Copyright matching above, the Use Count is not displayed when a title match has not been made and the Check for similar previously borrowed titles link only appears. When you click Check for similar previously borrowed titles, you can select a match from your copyright table or add a new title to the table. To match a title or add a title to your copyright table, see Matching a title to a request. For information on interpreting a title's Use Count, see Use Count.
3. Copyright Clearance
When a title match has been made, the Copyright Clearance section will appear. In the Copyright Clearance field, you can select a copyright clearance for the request. For more information on making a copyright clearance selection, see Make a copyright clearance selection.

Requests changed to copy requests by the lender

If the request was submitted as a loan, but the lender fulfilled it as a copy, the borrower will be alerted when receiving the item that a copyright clearance selection must be made for the request before receiving. This will happen regardless of how the borrower accesses the request: from the In Transit queue or by searching. The request will also appear in the Copyright queue (if enabled), so it will come to the attention of the staff responsible for managing copyright payments.

Copyright on closed requests

The matched title and copyright clearance selection can be changed only while a request is open. Once a copy is received, the request is closed. Copyright cannot be adjusted from the request after closing. The copyright clearance selection is displayed as read-only when viewing a closed request. This will appear in the Copyright Clearance accordion.