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What do I need to update if I am going to change the IP address of my ILLiad Server?

  • You are going to change the IP address of your ILLiad Server
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If you are going to change your campus IP address for your Web Server, or the Domain name (like to, here are the different areas you need to update if you have the IP address in them:


ILLiad Customization Manager:

  1. ILLiadServerIP - Update the IP address.
  2. OdysseySystemID - Update the IP address.
  3. ISOReturnIPAddress - Update the IP address.
  4. LocalInfo table for any field that has the Old IP or the old Domain name address in it - Update the IP address or Domain name.

Once you update the Customization Manager settings, you need to restart all your ILLiad Services on your Web Server. Also, you will want to restart IIS.


ILL Policies Directory:

  1. Go to Contacts, and anywhere you have an IP address or Domain name, you need to edit the entry to the new IP address or new Domain name.
  2. You will also need to update your Constant Data Records.

OCLC Service Config:

  1. Go to WorldShare ILL and update your Borrower Data records and make sure your Electronic Delivery location is up to date on each of your records.
  2. Save the change on each record.


ATLAS SQL Alias Manager:

  1.  Update the IP address or the Domain name on your Web Server in your ATLAS SQL Alias Manager and save the change.
  2. Update the IP address or the Domain name on the local computers and save the change. 


OpenURL Links from your different Database Providers:

  1. If your Domain name changes, then you will need to update the domain name for any links coming from any database Providers.
  2. Make sure your links are also up to date on your Web pages to the Web server.


If you are Migrating the Server, then make sure you follow the instructions for Migrating an ILLiad Database.

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