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We have an ILLiad Server and we are running the ILLiad Updater, but it is showing we have the latest updates when we do not have them

  • You installed a new ILLiad Backup server, and when you run the ILLiad Updater, it shows that you do not have any updates to make
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If you intend to install 9.2 on the Backup Server, then you should do the following to have the ILLiad Updater run updates to the latest version:

  1. Open up the Customization Manager.
  2. Search for the word Version.
  3. Go to each of the Version keys and make them a previous version like 9.1.x.x if you are not already at 9.1.x.x and save the changes on each key.
  4. Now run the ILLiad Updater by right-clicking on the file and "Run as Administrator."
  5. Sign in with the "SA" username and password.

You should be asked to run updates at this time.

Another possibility is that you do not have the latest ILLiad Updater.  Here is what you can do to fix this issue:

  1. By default, the latest updates are in the c:\ILLiad\Setup\AutoUpdaterUpdates\, and then you see the different versions in that folder.  
  2. Go to the highest version folder and copy the ILLiadUpdate.exe from that folder and overwrite the one in the c:\ILLiad\Admin folder, which is the default folder for the ILLiad Update folder.

Try running the ILLiad Update now and see if it pulls in new updates.

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