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Troubleshooting connectivity issues for ILLiad OCLC Hosted sites

  • You are unable to connect using any ILLiad service and you are an OCLC hosted ILLiad site
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some troubleshooting issues with using ILLiad services when you are on an OCLC Hosted site:

  1. We limit access by IP address, so we need to make sure your IP address is in our ILLiad Hosted Firewall.
  2. Whatever ports you might be using to connect to the service, you need to make sure you have them open on your side.
  3. To test the connection you can turn on the Telnet Client on your computer that you are having the issue and go to a command prompt and telnet to the SQL Server on port 1433.  Let's say your Server address is, then your telnet would be:

telnet 1433

If that does not work try port 1344

telnet 1344

You can also try telnet to the IP address of the SQL Server  (you can take the address you used originally and find the IP address of it using a Command Prompt such as ping  That would come up either,, or  Then in this example, you could telnet to using these options.

telnet 1433

telnet 1344

If those do not work, either your site is blocking your ports or we do not have your IP address on our Firewall.

4.  Another test for any other port would be to change the port number.  If you are using Odyssey and having issues then you would telnet to port 7968 and it would be your Web Server you are connecting to as:

telnet 7968

You should communicate your issues and your results with OCLC Support.

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