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Patrons are being kicked out of ILLiad when submitting requests after EZproxy Authentication

  • Your patrons are authenticated by EZproxy and when they submit a request after filling in the information required, they are being signed out of ILLiad
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some possible options as to why the patrons are being signed out of ILLiad and what you can do to fix them:

  1. It might be a caching issue.  If your problem is with patrons going through your Self-Hosted EZproxy, you can set it up so that you do not cache the sessions. 
  2. Your patrons may be inactive more than 30 minutes before trying to submit a request and your inactivity timer is kicking them out.  In ILLiad, you can update the WebSessionMinutes key that is set for 30 minutes by default.  After updating the key, you will need to restart IIS.  If your ILLiad is hosted by OCLC, then you need to contact OCLC Support to have IIS reset.
  3. In EZproxy, you should check your MaxLifetime value.  It might be a small amount of time, you can increase it and push the update.
  4. Make sure your patrons are signing out of ILLiad.  If they close the browser and then try to sign in again, the original EZproxy session is open and the patron will have to wait until the original session times out before they will be able to fully use ILLiad again.
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