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Is there a way to change the document type for loan requests?

  • Is there a way to change the document type for loan requests
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  • ILLiad

CDs, for example, come in under the OpenURL as a genre of "unknown." 

1. Look at the OpenURL table and decide what to use for the Web page because, by default, it shows as Article:Article:ArticleRequest.html. 

2. Update the ILLiadValue to Loan:Book:GenericrequestUnknown.html and use the attached file, which can be used with the 9.0 or previous Web pages.


This allows the patron to select the Document Type, which might be a DVD or CD. When the patron submits the request, it will replace "book" with the Document Type the patron chose. Also, add the formname GenericRequestUnknown to the WebValidation table and decide what to add for the Required fields.  

3. In newer versions of ILLiad Web pages, there is a MultimediaRequest.html.  You can also use this page for the name.  

So, you will have in the ILLiadValue:


and add additional fields as options to the Web page.

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