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I need to know the process for using the Institutional login with Docline with ILLiad

  • You are having issues using Docline with the Institutional login and need to know the process
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Using the option from the Research Organization list will require you to enter a few very specific inputs to work properly. Please closely follow the instructions below to use this option:

1. From the Lending ribbon, click "Import Docline Requests."

2. Allow the Docline webpage some time to load, then click the "Log In to DOCLINE" button on that page.

3. Scroll down and click the "Research Organization" button.

4. Once the webpage is loaded, begin typing "Login" in the search box, but do not type the entire word.

5. As soon as you see "" listed in the dropdown, use the arrow keys (do not use the mouse) to select ""

6. Press the Enter key when "" is selected. The search box should fill with ""

7. Press the "Continue" button. You will be taken to the login page.

8. Input your username (your email address) and password. You may also have a code texted to your phone to enter.

9. Log in and use Docline as usual within the ILLiad client.

This option will not work if you type the entire "" input into the search box and then press the enter key, or if you attempt to click on "" from the dropdown menu with the mouse.

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