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I moved my install directory from the c-drive to the e-drive and after I ran an update and some of my services are not starting

  • After moving the install from the c-drive to the e-drive, your services are not starting after the update
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps you should take to fix the issue with the services not starting.

  1. During the upgrade, you were asked to update the directories where the install should take place, you can run the update again and make sure you are pointing to the correct directories.
  2. You may have to copy over the Directories for the services that are not starting.  For example, if the System Manager is not running, copy over the c:\illiad\System Manager to the e:\ILLiad\System Manager to replace any files in that directory.
  3. In the ILLiad/Admin folder, there is a file called DirDefaults.txt.  If you run the install on the e-drive, you should go to the e:\ILLiad\admin folder.
  4. Open up the DirDefaults.txt file and verify the directories are correct for future updates.
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