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I just upgraded to a new version of ILLiad on my Web Server and now I am getting an Internal Server Error when trying to deliver through Article Exchange

  • You just upgraded to a new version of ILLiad and when you try to Deliver through Article Exchange, you get an "Internal Server Error" message.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

There may be an issue with the IIS installation.  Make sure you follow these steps to fix all issues.

  1. Make sure your IIS is set up correctly for the Server Configuration and Permissions.
  2. After installing the missing features, restart the Web Server.
  3. When the Web Server Restarts, you will need to open up IIS.
  4. At the home window, open up the Handler Mappings.
  5. For any Name you see that is not Enabled, you will want to right-click on it and choose "Edit Feature Permissions."
  6. Click on the Execute box and choose OK.
  7. Once all the features are enabled, then restart IIS.
  8. To verify you should be working, try to go to your ILLiad Webplatform URL and see if you get a response

You should open up the ILLiad Client again  and see if it is working.


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