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I have a user in ILLiad who is not able to complete registration using Remote Authentication and the UserValidation table

  • When users authenticate via RemoteAuth before they have been added to UserValidation, as there's no data for them in UserValidation yet, the registration form fields are blank (we intentionally prevent users from editing these fields). They cannot submit their registration, but ILLiad creates a User stub account for them with Cleared=New, which sends them back to the registration form each time they login until they've successfully submitted it.  On subsequent login attempts, even after being added to UserValidation, because the User stub account now exists, the registration form instead pulls in data from the blank stub account. Patrons remain stuck, unable to complete registration.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

What is happening is how ILLiad is working for stub accounts.  here is what you have to do with these usernames:

  1. The user's information will need to be manually filled out by staff in the client.
  2. The patron needed to fill out the information in the NewAuthRegistration page.
  3. If the information is filled in the UserValidation table, then the staff can use the Database Manager and delete the user.  Then the patron can register and the information will fill in from the UserValidation table.
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