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I am unable in ILLiad to send an article through Article Exchange

  • Site has a file with multiple pages they are trying to send and they get an error when trying to send the file.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

There is an overall issue with sending files through ILLiad when they seem to be more than 20 pages.  Consider emailing it or setting up a place for people to pick up the file.  The other issue might be if the size of the file is over 120 MB.  There is a limit of 120 MB.  If the file size is over 120 MB, it will need to be reduced.

Below are some additional troubleshooting tips if the above does not resolve this issue:

  • Validate the WSKey in the Customization Manager is correct.
  • Make sure the Authorization and Password do not have spaces and the WebPlatformConfig has the correct BaseWebServiceUrl.
  • The WebPlatform URL can be tested by copying the BaseWebServiceUrl from the WebPlatformConfig and pasting it into a browser. Receiving an error message means there is either a problem with the Web Server Permissions or the URL is incorrect.  If the Version shows up, the WebPlatformConfig is set up correctly.
  • Check the ILLiad Web Server IIS (Internet Information Services):
    1. On the ILLiad Web Server, open IIS and select Handler Mappings.
    2. CGI-exe and ISAPI-dll should be enabled. If they are not, click on the item and choose on the right side under Actions, the 'Edit Feature Permissions...'
    3. Click on the box to Execute and choose 'OK.'
    4. Restart IIS.


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