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I am on a brand new install for ILLiad and when I click on Mark Found Scan now, the request information shows on the left, but no information shows on the right and Send via Odyssey or Article exchange are grayed out

  • You just installed ILLiad on a new computer.  You are clicking on Mark Found Scan now, and on the scanning screen, you are not able to send the document.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

Because this is a new install, your computer does not know where to look for a document to import, so you have to point to the document one time and then the next time you click on Mark Found, Scan Now, your computer should pull from the same location that you last looked to get the imported file.  Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. When your information on the left is showing, on the top, you will need to click on "Import Document" and point to the document.  
  2. The document will show up on the right and the Send Via Odyssey or Send via Article Exchange will show up.  
  3. Click on the highlighted option to either send out through Odyssey or Article Exchange.
  4. From now on, ILLiad will look in the same directory where you last imported the document until you choose Import Document and choose a new location.
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