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I am in ILLiad 9.1 and when I try to deliver an article in Borrowing, it gives me an error message

  • After downloading an article you want to deliver for Borrowing, when you try to deliver it, you get an error message
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Atlas has noted this as a bug in 9.1. They have a solution on their PDF Document Processor prevents PDF from being closed until the Client is closed page.

This bug has been resolved in version 9.2 of ILLiad. OCLC hosted ILLiad members can contact OCLC Support to request an upgrade to the latest version.

Additional information

When a PDF has been loaded by a PDF Document Processor (on the scanning form or the electronic delivery form), the filesystem keeps a lock on that file until the ILLiad client is closed. This is because the processor is not closing the file.

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