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I am getting a Pooled Connections error on my Web Sever, how do I resolve this issue?

  • You are getting a pooled connections error on the Web Server which is causing the server to slow down
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some steps to fix the possible issues with the Pooled connections.

  1. Make sure any Server Addon you are using is up to date.  It may be an older version and needs to updating.
  2. Change the SystemManagerAddonInterval to a higher number.  If it is at 1 (minute), change it to 2.  We recommend 5.
  3. Restart the ILLiad System Manager service. 
  4. If you still see pooled connections and you changed the SystemManagerAddonInterval to 2, update it to 5 and restart the ILLiad System Manager service.
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