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I added some email templates in the Customization Manager, but they are not showing up in the ILLiad Client

  • You added some email Templates in the Customization Manager under the Email Notifications tab, but the Emails are not showing up in the ILLiad Client when you are in a request and select the Send Notifications drop-down
Applies to
  • ILLiad

You need to follow the instructions for Email Routing.  Here are a couple of steps to remember:

  1. In the EmailRouting table, the name of the LoanTemplate, or ArticleTemplate needs to match the exact title you have created in the Notification templates.  If you called it Reminder.txt, then the template needs to be called Reminder.txt.
  2. Spaces count, so make sure you do not add any extra spaces in the fields you are putting in because they will not match up if one has an extra space in the name and the other does not have an extra space in the name.
  3. Also, the EmailRouting table Entries for From Name, From Address, To Name, To Address, CC Address, BCC Address, and Subject will overwrite entries in the Notifications templates.
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