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ILLiad is getting a slow response and is sluggish especially when sending electronic articles

  • Your ILLiad client is slow to respond, and it is most apparent when sending electronic articles
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some suggestions that might help you resolve your sluggishness issue:

1.  You might check with your network people and see if there are any bandwidth restrictions on port 1433 or 1344 whichever you use for your ILLiad connection to the SQL Server.  A slowdown will cause a problem in ILLiad processing overall.
2.  Make sure you are not having any network issues.  You could run a tracert to the SQL Server and see if your network shows a slow response time.

Example: From a command prompt type in tracert <enter>

You will see if any of the responses within your network show large numbers like 1200 ms.  If you see numbers in one hop over 1000 ms (milliseconds), your network is probably having issues.  Or if you have several hops in your network that are totaling over 1000 ms, then you should check your network.

3.  Check port 7968 with the same bandwidth restrictions.  Odyssey uses this port to send and receive files.  
4.  For the Odyssey files you are sending that have problems, are they large files over 40 MB PDF, or 20 MB tif files?  Or are they many pages you are submitting such as over ten pages?  All these are issues with sending with Odyssey or Article Exchange.
5.  Check your Web Server, SQL Server, and Local computer space.  Are you running out of space?  If you are, you need to clear up space in each place.  When you run out of space on the SQL Server or especially the Web Server, that will cause the issues you are having.  I doubt all the computers would be running out of space locally.
6.  Are you running a Server Addon?  Make sure you follow the How do I Install a Server Addon help document instructions.  The Server Addons should be at the latest version.  Also, ensure your ILLiad System Manager service, which controls the Addons is not having issues.  The SystemManagerAddonInterval key should be set to 5.  If the value exceeds that, update it to 5 and restart the ILLiad System Manager service.  We have found that any lower than that, the ILLiad System Manager service can be bogged down and this would also slow the full server down.
7.  What version of ILLiad are you using?  If you are not at the latest version of ILLiad, you might consider updating your Web Server ILLiad to the newest version.  After that, update your local computers. 

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