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ILLiad Client crashes trying to deliver a PDF via Odyssey

  • Trying to import a PDF into ILLiad so it can be delivered
Applies to
  • ILLiad

In most cases what we have found is that the PDF is corrupt and cannot be processed in ILLiad.  Even though it is viewable when you open the file outside of ILLiad. 

Follow these steps to fix the issue so it can be used within ILLiad.

1. Save the PDF as a Word Document.

2. Open the saved Word Document and then save it as a PDF.

3. Then try the newly created PDF file in ILLiad.

We have found that this fixes the corruption in the PDF and allows it to be processed in ILLiad.

4.  Another option is to print out the PDF and scan it again and import it into ILLiad.

Additional information

This is also applicable if a coversheet is added to the ILLiad server and suddenly all deliveries fail.

You may need the full version of Adobe Acrobat for the conversion.

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