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How does ILLiad know where to look for documents I've scanned, and can I change the location?

Applies to
  • ILLiad

Odyssey uses the last location you manually selected as the default folder to look for documents.

Change the Default Folder
  1. To change it, begin to process the next electronic article request, and scan a document.
  2. Save the scanned document using the transaction number as the name (e.g., TN# 14324 should be saved as 14324.pdf.) into the folder you want Odyssey checking by default going forward. 
  3.  After clicking Mark Found Scan Now in a request or Scanning in the DocDel and Lending ribbons, the Odyssey Scanning window will pop up.
  4. Click on Import Document and select the file you previously scanned.
  5. After this, Odyssey will automatically check that folder for files with the same name as the transaction number and display them when they match.  
Additional information

For more information, see the Atlas article on Odyssey Article Sending

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