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How do the Status Tags work in ILLiad?

  • You want to know how ILLiad shows messages to patrons, and how to edit them. 
Applies to
  • ILLiad

The Status Tag works with Status Lines, which you can set up in the Customization Manager to present messages to the patrons, usually after customers perform some action. Here's what you need to know:

  • The Atlas documentation on the Status Tag shows the coding of <#STATUS> so that when a patron performs an action, they will get a message. For example, if a patron makes a request, the status can show the kind of request and the transaction number.
  • One example of the Status Tag is SLLoginFailed, which says "Login Failed" when authentication fails. 
  • The Web Interface section from the list of Customization Manager keys has a section called Status Lines. This section shows all the status messages that can display for users after performing certain actions. You can also narrow the list of keys within the Customization Manager by using the search bar near the top, searching for "SL", and looking at the keys in the lower left that begin with SL.
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