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How do I process all my Docline or RAPID requests that are delivered by Odyssey that are showing up in Electronic Delivery under the No ILL Number Match?

  • In the past, Odyssey documents from Docline were delivered automatically, but now all the requests are showing up in Electronic Delivery under No ILL Number Match box. 
Applies to
  • ILLiad

ATLAS knows about this issue and is working on a solution. 

  1. Process these requests like you would with any other request that has No ILL Number match.
  2. Follow the documentation for Matching Electronic Delivery Files.
  3. In the event of a message that the request is not at the correct status, go to the original request by searching from the main ILLiad screen and change the status to "Request Sent."
  4. Go through the process of matching the ILL number and the Lender, and then get the Transaction to the Review box.
  5. If the Original status of the Transaction was Delivered to Web or Request Finished, you have two options.  
  6. You can either Deliver the request, and the Transaction will update to Delivered to Web, and the patron will be notified of the Delivery.
  7. Or, you can now Delete the item that is in the Review Box and then go back to the transaction and return it back to the Transaction Status it was at previously, which was either Delivered to Web or Request Finished.
  8. After you finish processing he file, you should go to Borrowing > Under the Electronic Delivery icon, click on Clear Electronic Delivery Files.  This process will clear what is in the Electronic Delivery Files so the next time you process the files, you will get all new information from the server.

In addition to Docline, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) will always send their documents under No ILL Number Match because they use the Odyssey Standalone product to send documents. 

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