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How do I install the latest version of ILLiad?

  • How to install the latest version of ILLiad.
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  • ILLiad

To install the latest version of ILLiad, make sure of the following:

  1. Make sure the Web Server is updated to the latest version first.  The Web Server needs to be at the latest version first, then install the latest version of the client on the computer. Hosted sites that are not on the latest version of ILLiad will need to schedule an upgrade:  
         A. For self-hosted sites, contact the Web Server Administrator to upgrade the server. They will have to follow the for updating to 9.2  ILLiad version 9.2.
         B. Hosted sites will need to contact OCLC to schedule an upgrade or to see if an upgrade is necessary. OCLC Support.
  2. Once using the latest version of the ILLiad server, download the latest version ( of ILLiad at the ILLiad Downloads.
  3. Follow the instructions for Running the ILLiad Client Installation Program.
  4. Upgrade to 9.2
  5. Then open up the client by right-clicking on it and "Run as Administrator."
  6. Hosted sites might need to contact OCLC Support for the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager information if this is a new install.
  7. Once the correct information is populated into ATLAS SQL Alias Manager, ILLiad should be ready to run.
  8. We limit access by IP address for hosted ILLiad sites.  Those having connectivity issues will need to contact OCLC to troubleshoot the issue.  To allow access, OCLC Support might need to add a new IP address to the ILLiad Hosted Firewall. 
  9. Users should also make sure to have followed the instructions for setting up the Word Settings and Windows permissions in this link I just installed ILLiad on a new computer, what settings or permissions should I have on my computer?
  10. The latest version of the Client installer requires the latest ATLAS SQL Alias Manager installed.  Download it from the ILLiad Downloads page.

Note: Any errors that show during installation can most likely be bypassed and will not affect the ILLiad Client. If an error you cannot bypass occurs, contact OCLC Support

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