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How do I create a new Username to replace an old Username for RemoteAuth Authentication in ILLiad

  • You want to create a new Username to replace an old Username
Applies to
  • ILLiad

To replace one Username with another Username, you follow this process:

The old Username is user123, the new Username is "987654321":

1. Going to Borrowing and click on New User.  The step will start the creation of the user.
2.  You also have the old username open to copy the fields over.
3.  When you save the new user, it will ask for a password, you can use anything as the password because the password is not used when using RemoteAuth Authentication.
4.  Change the status of both users to Not Cleared.
5.  Go to System and click on Clear Users.
6.  Click on the User name "987654321" on the left side and click on the old Username user123 on the right side.
7.  Merge the users.

The information from the old username goes to the new username including History and Tracking.

The Old Username is disavowed.  To remove the old Username go to the Database Manager:

1.  Search the Patrons by clicking on Patrons
2.  Click on the "Press to button to add a new condition."
3.  The field Username shows.  Change the field the word "Like' to equals =.
3.  In the empty box to the right, you put in user123.
4.  Deselect the "Only delete patrons if Expiration Date has passed."
5.  Then search.
6.  You will see the name show up on the bottom of the screen. 
7.  Click on "Delete Displayed Patrons" button.

You have now removed the old Username user123.  The only name that should be active now is 987654321.

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