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How do I break the link for one patron account that has transactions and delete it in ILLiad

  • One patron needs their account transactions removed so the username can be removed.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

here are the steps you can use if you are self-hosted.  Otherwise, please contact OCLC Support:

  1. Create a new Username so you will move over all the current transactions.  An example might be BrokeUser.
  2. You will copy all the fields from the User you want to remove into the BrokeUser.  The only field that will be different is the Username.
  3. After setting up the new Username, both users will be "Not Cleared."
  4. Click on System and choose Clear users.
  5. Click on one of the two names in the Users to Clear column, and the other name will appear in the Similar users to Clear.
  6. Click on Merge user.
  7. Under the one you want to keep, you click on the "Keep..." button, which should be BrokeUser.  This process will move all the transactions from the original User to BrokeUser and Disavow the original User.
  8. To hide the BrokeUser, you will need to run the following SQL Command:
Use ILLData

Update Users
Set NVTGC =''
Where Username='BrokeUser'

If you are on a Shared server, you need to put in your Database name, which might be different.  An example would be:

Use ABCData

Update UsersALL
Set NVTGC =''
Where Username='BrokeUser'


At this point, the User information has moved over to BrokeUser, and the patron cannot be seen. Because the Original User does not have any associated transactions, you can remove the original Username with the Database Manager and delete the Username following The ILLiad Database Manager instructions.

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