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How can I delete a user through ILLiad?

  • You want to delete a user from ILLiad and you do not want to have to submit a request to a SQL Administrator to do it for you
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps to take to remove a user from ILLiad without having to go to a SQL Server Administrator:

  1. Let's say your current username is BobWhite and the first name is Bob and the last name is White. Create a new user with the same first and last name and username like "Broken."
  2. You can then make sure both accounts are not cleared and merge BobWhite to Broken following the Merging Users instructions.
  3. After merging users, you can go to the Database Manager and Delete the BobWhite User following The ILLiad Database Manager instructions. In the Patrons tab, search for BobWhite and make sure that the box for Only delete patrons if Expiration Date has passed is not checked. When searching for the user, the name will show up on the bottom panel and you click on the "Delete Displayed Patrons."
  4. After closing the Database Manager, you go back to the ILLiad Client and update the Broken username and change the name to something like the first name Broken, the last name as User. Save the change.

So what has been done is moved the Transactions over from BobWhite to Broken and made sure the name of Broken does not reflect the original Username. To do this for other users, change the name of Broken again to the name of the user to be removed as in step number 1.

The other alternative is to submit a request to your SQL Administrator who will Break the link from the user following the instructions in The ILLiad Database Manager instructions.

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