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Can we set up our ILLiad Print Templates to be on a shared drive?

  • You want to have one place where all the print templates are located.  That way, you only have to make your edits in one place making the process easier.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Yes, you can set up a shared drive for the Print templates.  Here is what you should do to set this up:

  1. Put all the files you want on the shared drive.
  2. It is best if you have one person editing the files if they need to be edited.  That way, you can set up the Data source once and not have to do it again.
  3. If you have more than one person editing the files, the second person will have to change the data source so it points to the proper location on his or her computer.
  4. All computers using ILLiad Clients will need a mapped drive to the Shared server.
  5. You need to update your PrintDocumentsPath to the mapped drive. This often begins with \\.
  6. After updating the PrintDocumentsPath, the ILLiad client needs to be opened up again on all computers to access the mapped drive.
  7. Always make a copy of the files on the Shared drive on a USB drive or a flash drive.  That way when someone accidentally changes a word document, you can put it back on the shared drive.

The above works if you are using a network drive.  But if you are using the OneDrive these are the instruction they say you need to follow.

You need to pick one specific user's OneDrive to use for ILLiad, instead of C:\Users\(username)\OneDrive\ILLiad\Print it would be C:\Users\johndoe\OneDrive\ILLiad\Print, or whichever user account/path they'd want to use. But they would have to pick a specific user name to put into the path. Or they could just use a different network drive with a static name/location to store the print templates.


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