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Borrowing conditionals status not updating properly

  • Borrowing site did not respond to a conditional request. The ILLiad Transaction Status was "Awaiting Conditional Processing." The next lender sent the item, so when the request came in, the Transaction Status was still "Awaiting Conditional Processing." The borrowing site was asking why the request did not update the status to Request Sent?
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

If you do not take action on a Request, then the ILLiad Status will not change.  You have four days to respond to the Conditional, and then the request went on to the next Lender.  ILLiad's status does not change unless you take action on the request, so the status remains as "Awaiting Conditional Processing."  So it went to the next Lender, and then a Lender shipped the item.  For you to properly receive the request, the request status needs to be at "Request Sent."  So you would need to route the request to "Request Sent."  That way, when you check the request in from the Lending Library, the request will be at the correct status.


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