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What options are there to clean up our OCLC Holdings in bulk?

  • We completed a weeding project and records were not updated with OCLC.  Our WorldCat holdings are now out of date.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager  

Here are some options and associated documentation for the processes that can help you clean up your holdings:

  • The Streamlined Holdings Registration process involves sending a complete set of your MARC records to OCLC, who will set holdings on these records, followed up with a scan-delete on any holdings not included in this set. Streamlined Holdings is included with your cataloging subscription. The Streamlined holdings update FAQ can help answer your additional questions and contains a link to the registration form you will need to fill out.
  • You may be interested in setting up a data sync collection for your institution. There are different types of data sync collections available. If your library still has the MARC or non-MARC data from the weeded items, you could set up a delete WorldCat holdings data sync collection.
  • If you no longer have any records of what was deleted, you may want to consider a reclamation. Note that a reclamation project comes with an additional cost. A reclamation includes extensive consultation with OCLC’s holdings update experts to resolve issues related to records that are not updated through our automated processes. It also includes the option to enrich WorldCat records. The enriched WorldCat records and high-touch data counseling are not included in the Streamlined Holdings process. If you are interested in learning more about a reclamation, contact OCLC Support.
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