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Search Online Bibliographic Save File

Find out how to access and use the Search Online Bibliographic Save File window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Search Online Bibliographic Save File window

Search the online bibliographic save file for:

  • Specific save file records 
  • All saved records 
  • All records with a specific status 
  • Locked WorldCat records 
  • Records your library submitted to other libraries for review
    Records submitted to your library for review (all or those submitted by a library you specify)

Access the Search Online Bibliographic Save File window

  1. Navigate Cataloging > Search > Online Save File, or click Search Online Bibliographic Save File button, or press <Ctrl><F3>.
    • If you are logged on to OCLC Connexion, the Search Online Bibliographic Save File window opens immediately.
    • If you are not already logged on, the Logon OCLC Connexion window opens. As soon as you complete the logon and close the Welcome window, the Search Online Bibliographic Save File window opens automatically.
  2. Enter search term(s) and select an index for each. Combine multiple terms by selecting a Boolean operator.
  3. (Optional) Limit search results by workflow, action, or source status.
  4. (Optional) Limit results to WorldCat records you locked or to records submitted to your library for review.
  5. (Optional) Limit results to records submitted to you for review or to those submitted to you by one or more libraries by specified OCLC institution symbol(s).
  6. Click OK to send the search.

See more about how to search the online bibliographic save file.

Search Online Bibliographic Save File window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Search for ... in
text fields and index lists
  1. Enter a search in a text field and select an index from the adjacent list.
  2. (Optional) Enter another search in the other text field and select a different index. Combine by selecting a Boolean operator.


Select previous search terms in the drop-down lists in the text boxes.

Leave all search criteria empty and click OK to retrieve all records in the file. You can click a column heading in the results list to sort the list to find the records you need. Sorting options (column headings) include:

  • Save file # 
  • Contributor/Creator 
  • Title 
  • Expire date 
  • Modified date 
  • Workflow status 
  • Source status 
  • Action statuses, including validation 
  • My Status 
  • Review status 
  • Reviewing institution 
Tips for search terms:
  • Use truncation (*) to find variant endings (e.g., librar*, comput*, catalog*).
  • Use character masking (? or #) to find variant spellings (e.g., wom#n retrieves woman and women, col?r retrieves color and colour).
AND/OR/NOT lists If combining searches in different indexes, or combining searches with statuses, combining only statuses, click a Boolean operator to indicate how you want to combine the searches:
  • AND - Finds records that contain both terms and/or statuses in the same record.
  • OR - Finds records that contain either term or status.
  • NOT - Finds records that contain the first term or status but not the second term or status.
with ... status index lists and statuses list Limit the search by workflow, action, or source status:
  1. In a status list, click the status index you want to use: Workflow, Action, or Source and select a status from the adjacent list.
  2. (Optional) Select up to two more status(es) and combine by selecting Boolean operator(s).


Find all records with a particular workflow, action, or source status by entering no other search criteria.

See status definitions and categories.

WorldCat Record Locked check box Retrieves all review records submitted to you.
  • Retrieve locked WorldCat records only (no other search criteria entered).
  • Further limit any search criteria you entered to records that are also locked WorldCat records.
Review File check boxes Select one of the following check boxes to retrieve Review File records only:
  • All Review File Records - Retrieves all review records submitted to you.
  • Review File Records for Institution - When this check box is selected, the adjacent text box is available. Type one or more institution symbols in the text box to retrieve review records submitted to you by specific institutions.
Retain Search check box Select or deselect the option to keep the most recent search in the Search for box(es) between logon sessions.

If you retain the last search, the client keeps search terms, indexes, and Boolean operators.

A check mark indicates that the option is selected.


Button name Click the button to...
Enter Diacritics Open the Enter Diacritics and Special Characters window to enter a diacritic or character in a search term.
Clear Search Clear search term. The client keeps the last indexes you used.
OK Send the search (or press <Enter>).
Cancel Cancel the search and close the window.