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Hosted video files do not play in specific browsers and instead display an octagon with an exclamation mark

  • The inline video player on the end-user site displays an octagon with an exclamation mark when attempting to view a video
Applies to

This is most likely due to the encoding of the MP4 video file. Not all video processing software optimizes files for the web by default, and the MP4 container header (moov atom) needs to be encoded as the first 8-byte header of the file. This cannot be done in CONTENTdm and will require video file processing software.

  1. Re-encode the impacted file
  2. Follow instructions to Replace single items or Replace multiple items in Project Client
  3. Upload and approve the changes
Additional information
  • Note: Browser compatibility for video playback can change over time, and videos that once worked might require replacement if not correctly encoded.
  • CONTENTdm Video Best Practices
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