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CONTENTdm Video Best Practices

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CONTENTdm Video Best Practices

Video files require encoding before they can be uploaded to CONTENTdm. CONTENTdm can store video files of any format but only h.264-encoded video will play inline in the Web interface. MP4 files can be used but they require this encoding before they will display correctly in CONTENTdm. 

In order to provide good performance across a wide range of browsers, and in particular to ensure that videos start playing quickly, we recommend the following.

  • You will need to use a Video encoding tool first to encode your video file, such as: The Best Video Converter: Prism; Adobe Media Encoder or Freemaker Video Converter
  • Use the MP4/H.264 format. This container/codec combination has the broadest HTML5 support among the most commonly used browsers
  • Make sure the moov atom is at the start of the file. In MP4/H.264, the file metadata is called the "moov atom". If the metadata is at the start of the file, the browser doesn't have to download the whole file before it can start playing. Proper moov atom placement can bring startup times down from many minutes to just a few seconds
  • Best practice  advice is that when uploading these larger type files,  to ensure all other applications are turned off, so the full RAM ( running memory) available on the workstation can be called upon by the project Client.   As the Project Client needs contiguous memory to complete its tasks

Note: Whatever tool you use, please be sure to update, upload, and test a few files before updating and uploading a large number of files.

Additional Information :

You can also consider Streaming Media files or Embed external video stream too if its suitable for the resource in mind.


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