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Change the upload method

Learn how to use the Project Settings Manager to change the upload method for uploading items.

Upload items from your Project Client project to a server or a shared directory on your network. The upload method and location are specified by using the Project Settings Manager. See About Project Settings for more information.


  • If you upload to a server, all uploads use either HTTP or HTTPS file transfer protocol, depending on the URL of the server.
  • If you upload to a shared directory on a network, you can map to a network drive or use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path support to describe the absolute location.
  • Your administrator can help determine the upload method and directory location.  

Change the upload method

  1. From the Project menu, click Project Settings Manager.
  2. Click Project Options.
  3. Under Upload Method, select whether to use HTTP or HTTPS to upload items to the server, or select whether to upload items to a directory location.
    • Click Browse to specify the directory location, and then click OK.
  4. Click OK to save changes and close the Project Settings Manager.