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Upload items from the Project tab

Learn how to upload items to the pending queue before they are approved to be added to a collection.

After adding items to a project, you can upload them to the pending queue on the server where they are reviewed and approved by an administrator before being added to a collection.  

The upload method for your project is specified in the Project Settings Manager.  Please see Project settings for more information.

 Note: Although a project can contain more than 10,000 items (including compound objects), to maintain acceptable upload times, we recommend you upload items to your collection in batches of about 10,000 items per upload.

Upload items

  1. On the Project tab, select the items you want to upload in the project spreadsheet by selecting the checkbox in each item row. Use the Select All or Clear All buttons to manage selections of all items in the spreadsheet.

     Note: Before uploading items, review any warning or error icons displayed in the far-left column of the spreadsheet. Hovering over the icons displays warnings or errors that could be fixed before uploading.

  2. Click Upload for Approval.
    • Selected items are uploaded and the status bar at the bottom of the Project Client window indicates progress.

By default, the Upload Manager does not display. To display the Upload Manager, click Show Details in the status bar or click View Upload Manager in the left task bar under Other Tasks. For more information about pausing or canceling the upload, see Use the Upload Manager.

When the upload is complete, the left status bar updates and the administrator can review the pending queue and approve the items.