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OCLC Support

Add items and objects

Find information about adding items to your project.
  • About mapping fields
    Find information about mapping fields when adding metadata to a project in the Project Client.
  • Add an item
    Learn how to add an individual file using the Project Client.
  • Add a URL
    Learn how to add a URL using the Project Client.
  • Add compound objects
    Find information about compound objects and learn how to add a compound object.
  • Add finding aids
    Learn how to use the Add Finding Aid wizard, edit finding aid compound objects, and work with stylesheets using the Project Client.
  • Add multiple items
    Find information about adding multiple files from a directory using the Project Client.
  • Data from another database
    Learn how to import data from other databases into CONTENTdm using the Project Client.
  • Generate thumbnails
    Learn how to use custom thumbnails and change thumbnail images in the Project Client.
  • Metadata only
    Learn how to add metadata only using the Project Client.
  • Multiple files with tab-delimited text
    Learn how to import multiple files with tab-delimited text and troubleshoot tab-delimited text files using the Project Client.
  • Work with PDF files
    Find information about PDF files in CONTENTdm and learn how to import single-item and multiple-page PDF files in the Project Client.