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Data from another database

Learn how to import data from other databases into CONTENTdm using the Project Client.

Using the Project Client, import data from other databases into CONTENTdm. Export the data from your third-party database to a tab-delimited file and then import multiple files with tab-delimited text files.

Consult your database's documentation for instructions on how to export your data to a tab-delimited file format. For information about tab-delimited text files, see Use tab-delimited text files.

Before you begin

When exporting data from third-party software to CONTENTdm, apply the following guidelines:  

  • Field name mapping need not be 1:1. Multiple tab-delimited fields may map to a single CONTENTdm collection field or you might have fewer fields in your tab-delimited file than in your CONTENTdm collection.
  • The data imported from your third-party software into CONTENTdm must contain a field that maps to the Title field of your CONTENTdm collection.

See Troubleshooting tab-delimited text files for help resolving problems.