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Soft check in

Learn how to soft check in. This allows you to check in items that were used, but not checked out.

Soft check-in allows you to check in items that were used, but not checked out. It includes items from the reference collection, items that are on reserve, or items found in a reading room. They are not checked out to a patron and do not leave the library. This is done by a Check In transaction using the Non Loan Return Check In mode.

Non Loan Return

  1. In the left panel click Check In.
  2. From the Check In Mode drop down, select Non Loan Return.
  3. Scan or type the barcode into Item Barcode.

A count of these transactions is stored by the system and accessible in the following WorldShare Reports standard reports: Circulation Dashboard, High Use Circulation Titles Summary Report, Hourly Average Circulation Activity Summary Report, and Monthly Circulation Statistics Report.

View Soft Issued Count

The item’s Soft Issued Count is shown on the item Statistics screen:

  1. Search for the item in Discover Items. 
  2. Click View/Edit to display the item.
  3. In the item details click Statistics in the top right.
  4. The count is shown in Soft Issued Count.

Watch a video

Non loan and inventory check in and item statistics

Run time: 7:34

In this video, you will learn how to perform non loan and inventory check ins, as well as how these actions affect the item statistics.