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Rename, resequence and hide searches

Learn about renaming, resequencing and hiding searches in OLIB.

►Admin Client Configuration> Search Templates

After following these procedures and rebuilding the configuration data, you can see the changes when you next log in. Many domains have a list of Other Searches that you can choose from; these can be tailored to your library.


The search options available in a domain can be renamed to reflect your own terminology. This may also be used to match a new domain name change that you have already made.


The following searches are available in Cataloguing Reference Data> Shelves

Shelves Search
Shelves Short Description Search

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Search Templates.
  2. Find the searches to be renamed by using the Search on Description e.g. shelves.
  3. Open the search in modify mode, e.g. Shelves Search.
  4. Change the Description field to include the new terms, e.g. Staff Offices Search.
  5. When all changes to searches are complete, then rebuild configuration data.


The sequence that searches appear in a domain can be changed, so that the most used searches appear at the top of the list.


At the top of the list the following searches are available in Cataloguing> Subject Headings

Subject Heading Search
Subject Heading Search (exact match)
Subject Heading Search (All Subject Types)
Subject Heading Search (All types, exact match)
Subject Heading Search (Bulletin type)
Subject Full Display Search

In this example the Subject Heading Search (All subject types) needs to appear first (i.e. be the default search). The current Subject Heading Search should be second in the list and Subject Heading Search (exact match) third. This has a practical application for those libraries who use more than one subject type, otherwise they may get misleading results during the cataloguing process.

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Search Templates.
  2. Use Search on Domain Search to find the Subjects domain.
  3. The Search column indicates whether the record is a PS Primary Search or 2S Secondary Search.
  4. Click the first record displayed to show the details.
  5. Use Next to move from record to record and to determine which search records are to be resequenced.
  6. Resequence each record by changing the Sequence field.
  7. If there is no further customisation to do, then rebuild configuration data.

Hide Searches

In several areas of OLIB there are a large number of search options available. In some cases it may be worthwhile restricting the range of options for non-system administrators.


For example in the Titles domain you can hide the Titles by Control Number search:

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Search Templates.
  2. Find the searches to be hidden by using the Search on Description. e.g. Titles by Control Number
  3. Click the record to show details.
  4. Click on Attribute and put that record into modify mode.
  5. In the Privilege field use the drop down to change to level 11 (System Administration). This ensures that no other users will see this search.
  6. Next, rebuild configuration data. If you then log in as a lower level User, the search will be hidden.