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Change domain names

Learn how to change the domain names shown in the OLIB menu.

►Admin Client Configuration> Domains

The Domain names displayed in the Menu can be changed as shown here.


In this example we change the domain name in Cataloguing Reference Data> Shelves

Cataloguing reference data includes the Shelves domain which is used to identify an area where bibliographic items are physically stored in a library Location. For some libraries it is useful to rename the Shelves domain and searches to something like Office (many libraries use the Shelf function to identify items held outside the library, e.g. in staff offices).

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Domains.
  2. Search for the Domain name e.g. Shelves.
  3. Open the Shelves record in modify mode.
  4. Change the Name field as required to your preference, e.g. Office.

 Caution: do not update the Description field as this may make it harder for OCLC to support your implementation.

If there are no further changes to make, then rebuild configuration data.

The searches can also be renamed to match the new domain name.