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Change filter names

Learn how to change the filter names used in various menu (domain) searches.

►Admin Client Configuration> Attributes

If the Domain name in the Menu has been changed it may also be useful to amend the Filter name that is used in various domain searches, for consistency. You use Filters in OLIB to refine the search and obtain fewer matches.


The example used in Change domain names, was to rename the Shelves domain as it appears in the Menu. The procedure here describes how to rename the Shelf Filter to e.g. Staff Office.

 Tip: make a note of the name of the filter as this will be used when searching to find the setting to change.

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Attributes.
  2. Use the other search Search on Attribute Description and search for e.g. Shelf.
  3. The results show several descriptions. The list indicates which domain each description belongs to. Choose e.g. the shelf field as displayed in the Copies domain. It may be necessary to change the others as well if those fields are used.
  4. Open the Shelf record in modify mode.
  5. Change the Description field to e.g. Staff Office. Save the changes.
  6. If there are no further changes to make, then rebuild configuration data.

At next login the change will have taken effect. If the name change is significantly different, the order that the search filter appears in will have changed, because OLIB orders them alphabetically.

Disable filters

The system manager can permanently disable a filter if required. By default they are all enabled. This is done in the Attributes domain. For example you may want to delete the filter in Users searching called Banned (VDX).

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Attributes.
  2. In other searches, choose Search on Attribute Description and search e.g. banned.
  3. Identify e.g. Banned (VDX), where the Domain is BORROWERS.
  4. Modify the record and set Enable Filter = No. (This field is normally null. If null / Yes, the filter is enabled).
  5. Save and Close.

Rebuild OLIB Web for changes to take effect.