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Configure audited fields

Learn how to configure which fields should be audited when copies records are updated in OLIB.

►Admin Client Configuration> Attributes
►System Administration> OLIB Defaults

The system manager can specify whether or not OLIB fields can be audited or not, e.g. for the purpose of monitoring catalogue records. The Enable Auditing field allows you to enable / disable a field for auditing purposes. Currently this is possible for the Copies domain.

Switch on auditing

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Attributes.
  2. Search for the Attribute (field) you want to be audited. Modify the record and set Enable Audit=Y for this field.
  3. Go to System Administration> OLIB Defaults set the Start date/time when Daystart should reconfigure the auditing triggers.

 Note: take care when timing this, so that it does not adversely affect library operations.

Copies audit configuration

For the Copies domain you can specify whether or not OLIB “fields” should be auditable or not auditable.


To make the Shelfmark field auditable:

  1. Go to Admin Client Configuration> Attributes.
  2. From other searches select Search Attribute Domain.
  3. Enter copies for the search. This lists all the COPIES attributes, e.g:

COPIES    co_isbn                 ISBN
COPIES    co_shelfmark    Shelfmark
COPIES    co_colln                Collection
COPIES    co_copycat         Copy Category
COPIES    co_accessdate   Access Date

 Note: you may find it easier to switch to Table View

  1. Click to modify the details of the attribute, e.g. co_shelfmark.
  2. Set Enable Auditing to Yes.
  3. Save the changes. Next, reconfigure auditing triggers.

 Note: various internal fields cannot be marked for audit, including Issue, Renew and Reservation counts. Auditing these fields will add to the audit trail unnecessarily.

Reconfigure auditing triggers

  1. Go to System Administration> OLIB Defaults.
  2. In Daystart Defaults, set Copies Audit Reconfig Date to a specific date/time. When Daystart runs after this date and time, the Copies auditing triggers will be updated.

 Caution: on some systems, this will mean that no updates to Copies (including circulation and/or fine payment) can be carried out in OLIB Web for a period of time and as such this should only be done with this in mind. If there are issues encountered, then OLIB Web will need to be restarted to resume operation quickly. A rebuild is not sufficient.