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Discover how to re-subscribe to a serial in OLIB.


This information gives the steps for manual re-subscription. Automatic re-subscription is also available.

Journal subscriptions are normally paid for in bulk in advance of the start of the subscription. The time when each part of this process runs will vary from library to library in relation to the individual supplier arrangements. Normal practice is for suppliers to issue a bulk renewal invoice months before the start of the new subscription year. This invoice drives the choice of journals for re-subscription (minus cancellations).It is not uncommon for a supplementary invoice to be issued during the course of the subscription as previously unknown costs (e.g. exchange rates) take effect.

In OLIB the financial period close system rolls over any outstanding orders and order items to the following year. For subscriptions the individual issues are checked in throughout the year - but the subscription itself is not ’completed’ by that process. Working from the Supplier’s renewal invoice, run an Order Items search to find each title to be completed prior to re-subscription. There are a number of search options specifically for Subscription Order Items.

Check in the previous year's subscription

  1. Navigate to Serials> Order Items.
  2. Run the Subscription Order Items Close to Expiry search. Enter the date in format 31-dec-2008.
  3. Select the subscription and choose Check In from the available Actions. The Order Items Check In page displays.
  4. In Ordered/Rec'd/Outst, enter the number of subscriptions to be checked in e.g. 1.
  5. Save the record and return to the hitlist view. Once the search is refreshed the subscription shows as Complete.

Create an order for re-subscription

  1. Create an order for each Serial Supplier. This will then be linked to the re-subscription items as they are processed. Follow the normal procedure for subscription orders.
    • At this stage do not link to any Order Items.
    • You can indicate the purpose of this order in the Notes field.
  2. Make a note of the order number used and save the Order record.


  1. Navigate to Serials> Order Items.
  2. Using e.g. Subscription Order Items Close to Expiry, find the title for re-subscription.
  3. Select item and choose re-subscribe from available Actions. This creates a new Order Item.
  4. A number of fields may be changed as required; however, two fields on this sheet must be set:
    • In the Order field Search and retrieve the Order to be used for re-subscriptions. Choose and insert this back to the order item.
    • Set Create Serial Copies? to No.

       Caution: Failure to carry out this step will mean that multiple issue copies will be generated for the subsequent year.

  5. On the Financial Details sheet, change the price to that on the supplier’s invoice.
  6. Complete payment details as normal.
  7. Repeat this process for all the items to be re-subscribed, e.g. all those on a Supplier’s invoice.
  8. Once all the journals on the invoice have been re-subscribed, navigate to Serials> Orders and make the Order Status Outstanding.

Pay an invoice

  1. When you are ready, pay off the invoice as normal in OLIB,
  2. As prices become known the Supplier will issue supplementary invoices during the next year. Follow the procedure for multiple invoices.
  3. Alternatively the Supplier may issue a credit note. Follow the procedure for credit notes.