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Discover how to cancel a serial subscription in OLIB.


Journal subscription orders cannot normally be cancelled once they have been placed and paid for as the supplier will have already paid the publisher before the issues are despatched. In the unlikely event of a supplier accepting that a subscription can be cancelled the method is simply to change the status of the order item to cancelled, suspend further issues generation, and cancel the Serial Copies.


  1. Navigate to Serials > Order Items.
  2. Search for the Order Item e.g. using Subscription Order Items and switch to modify mode.
  3. Change the status to Cancelled and save the record.
  4. To cancel the Serial Copy, go to Serial Copies and retrieve the relevant serial copy.
  5. In the hit list select the record and in available Actions choose Cancel Serial Copies (Selected). This will set the Autogenerate flag = No to prevent any more issues being created. Save the changes.