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Serial title changes

Discover how to change serial titles in OLIB.


When a Serial title changes this can be accommodated in OLIB, e.g. 'British Veterinary Journal’ changed its title to 'Veterinary Journal’ to reflect its international scope. The permutations of this type of change are many. In this example procedure it is assumed that the volume numbering continues with the title change and that the changeover happened at the end of a volume and year.

Example procedure

  1. Stop British Veterinary Journal issues generating by setting the Serial Copy details Autogenerate flag to No.
  2. Check In remaining British Veterinary Journal issues as they arrive.
  3. Catalogue Veterinary Journal in the Titles domain.
  4. Link British Veterinary Journal to Veterinary Journal with Previous/Later Title Cross Reference.
  5. Subscribe to Veterinary Journal.
  6. Allocate Frequency and Citation Pattern to Veterinary Journal.
  7. Link any Circulation lists, etc.
  8. Generate issues of Veterinary Journal.
  9. Check in Veterinary Journal issues as they arrive.