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Alert notices in serials

Discover how to create alert notices in OLIB.

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Alerting can be used to send emails updating staff about the status of your library’s serial Orders, Claims, and any changes made to Circulation Lists. Using the Procedure below copy the example notices provided to customise your own.

Example notices

User serial circ list updated notice

A notice can be configured to alert library staff that a user has been added to a serial circulation list.

  • Use the Notice Type Update Ser. Circ. List Profile.
  • Set Transmit Type To To List.
  • In To List enter email details of the library staff who should be informed of this.

Serial order notice

A notice of orders placed can be emailed to a supplier. This is the same as for outputting monograph orders.

  1. Make a copy the Example Order notice to configure your own email notice.
  2. To send the notice automatically to the supplier, set the Email Order Notice field on the Supplier record to Yes. This will set the orders placed to Outstanding.

You may require a different notice to be sent to different suppliers. Additional notices can be created by copying the example provided.

Serial issue check-in notice

An email can be sent to notify a user that a serial issue has been checked in. An Example Serial Issue Check- in notice is available in OLIB which you can copy.

The Alert Me feature in OPAC configuration needs to be set up for this alert to be generated.

  1. Set Transmit Type To User’s Email Address.
  2. Set Mins After Check-in to the number of minutes you want OLIB to wait after a serial issue is checked in, before actually sending the Serial Issue Checked In alert. This will allow some time for the library to complete processing of the issue, before a library member receives the issue check in alert.

Serial subscription renewal notice

Configure OLIB to send an alert to a nominated member of staff if a subscription is nearing the end of the current subscription period.

  1. Click New Record to configure a new serial Subscription Renewal notice.
  2. Set Notice Type Serial Subscription Renewal Alert.

Issues deleted notice

An email can be configured to notify a member of staff that the overnight issue deletion process has deleted a set of issues. This is based on the serial's retention setting. Staff can subsequently remove those issues from the shelves.

  • An Example Issues Deleted notice is available as standard.
  • Set the Transmit Type To To list.

Issues deleted bach notice

An email can be sent which lists all the issues that have been deleted by the overnight issue deletion process since the Issues Deleted Batch alert was last generated.

  • An example Issues Deleted Batch notice is available as standard.
  • Set Transmit Type To To list.

Rejecting serial subscription purchase suggestions

The Purchase Suggestion Rejected alert can be extended to subscription order items, so that suggestions placed in WebView for new subscriptions to a journal (using the WebView Purchase Suggestion facility) can be rejected. This will initiate a Notification of Rejected Purch. Sugg. Alert.

  • An Example Purchase Suggestion Rejected Notice is provided as standard.
  • Set Transmit Type to user’s email address.

Example serial issue batch claim

Produces a list of issues that have been claimed since the last time the alert was sent. Sent by the Send Now Action to the email address specified in the To List. Includes Location and Supplier fields so that it can be Location/Supplier specific.

Create an alert notice in serials

Configure the above alerts in the following way. Several example serials notices are included as standard. You should copy these records to create your own notice as required.

  1. Select the Example notice and in Other Actions choose Create Close Copy.
  2. Click the copy to display full details and Modify Record.
  3. Set Notice Type to match whichever of the above notices you require.
  4. If the Location field is present, choose a Location so that only users registered there will receive this email. If Location is left blank the message will go to all users at all locations.
  5. If the User Category field is present, choose a User Category so that only users on this category will receive the email.
  6. In the Notice Text change the contents to specify the text and punctuation you wish to include in the email to the users. This is using the same syntax as is used for configurable export formats to define the main body of the email. The OLSTF Tags table indicates which Order Item, Title and Copy tags are available for you to use in the Notice Text field. For example, to include data from a field in the title record, enter the User OLSTF tag surrounded by angle brackets. If you only want the text to be included if the field itself contains data, surround the OLSTF tag and associated text with the appropriate hash tag combination.

    Remember to also complete librarian's name and position, and location name where indicated.
  7. Set From Address to a valid email address, e.g. a generic address for your library, so that if the reader clicks the Reply button, the reply email will be delivered to the appropriate member of staff.
  8. Set Transmit Type: For most of the above alerts set the Transmit Type - To To List so that library staff receive the alert. Alternatively if appropriate To user's email address sends the email to the email address in the user's record, (or if this is empty, to the email address in the To List field). Other types are not relevant to these alerts.
  9. Configure the recipients of the email:
    • To List: Used to specify who the notice should be sent to if it is not to be sent to the user.
    • CC List: Enter an email address to which a copy of the notice should be sent.
    • BCC List: Enter an email address to which a blind copy of the notice should be sent.

       Note: In all three of the above fields, multiple email addresses can be entered. Multiple addresses should be separated with a semi-colon.

  10. In Subject Line enter the text to be used as the subject line of the notice.
  11. Set Enabled to Yes for OLIB to start sending the notices in daystart, using the above settings. If Enabled is set to No or is null, loan reminder notices will not be sent.

The SMTP server name for your organisation must also be configured for alerting to work.