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Configure SMTP server

Learn how to enter your SMTP server name into OLIB.

►System Administration> Server Process Configuration

This information is about configuration required if you want to set up email alerting in any area of OLIB or if you wish to set up OLIB's own reporting.

Alerts and reports work by sending an email text from the system to the designated user (or list of users), therefore it is necessary for an SMTP server name to be set in the Server Process Configuration domain. Your IT Department should supply the name of the SMTP server.

 Caution: changing the SMTP server may require an adjustment to the Oracle Access Control Lists. Contact your DBA for assistance.

  1. Go to System Administration> Server Process Configuration. All programs are immediately listed. Locate General Programs Configuration. This record contains default information which is then automatically set in all the other programs.
  2. Click on the modify button on the hitlist directly, then go to the Configuration tab.
  3. Scroll through the Picked up values section until you find the SMTPServer.
  4. Change the details to include your SMTP server value, e.g.
  5. Save this back to the configuration screen. The details are displayed back in the Picked up values section:
Entry Picked up Value Set at Category Default
SMTPServer *Current Category* FALSE