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OPAC suggested purchases

Discover how to review suggested purchases in OLIB Acquisitions.


In WebView end Users can make suggestions for the purchase of specific items and include the date that it is needed by. Library staff can review these items and decide whether or not to authorise an order for them. If you decide not to continue with a purchase suggestion once you have reviewed it, you can now flag it explicitly as 'rejected'. OLIB updates the order item status to Rejected, and this status will be displayed to the user in WebView. You can also configure OLIB to send an email to the end User when a purchase suggestion is rejected.

Search for purchase suggestions

  1. Go to Acquisitions> Order Items.
  2. From Other Searches select Order Items by Title.
  3. Enter a wildcard % and click Refine Search.
  4. From the list of refinements select Order Sub-Type. OLIB displays Sub-Type options
  5. From the Sub-Type options, select WebView Purchase Suggestion.
  6. Browse the list of items and decide whether or not to progress these potential orders.

Reject a purchase suggestion

  1. Search for purchase suggestions as above.
  2. Select the item you wish to reject and choose Reject Purchase Suggestions from the list of available Actions. This displays the Reject On Approval Item(s) screen.
  3. Enter the No. Rejected and the Reason for rejection.
  4. Save the changes.


OLIB's email alerting feature can be used to alert staff of new purchase suggestions and to inform users if a suggestion was rejected. When you enter the No Rejected and the reason, it flags the order item as Rejected and, if configured, sends an email to the Users listed in the Ordered For field to notify them why it was rejected.

The Reason For Rejection field is mapped to the oi_notesinternal field in the order_items table. It can therefore be included in the email that is sent to the User, using the OIINOTES tag. The reason for rejection is then displayed to the User on the order details screen in WebView.

Add a suggestion to an existing order

At the Pre Order stage you can search to find any purchase order suggestions you might like to add to the order:

  1. In the Orders domain, find the relevant order header.
  2. In modify mode, click Search in New Order Items.
  3. In the order items screen, in Other Searches select Order Items by Title.
  4. Enter a wildcard % and click Refine Search.
  5. From the list of refinements select OrderSub-Type. OLIB displays Sub-Type options
  6. From the Sub-Type options, choose WebView Purchase Suggestion.
  7. In the hit list, select the check box to select the one you want to order and click Insert. OLIB adds the item to your existing pre order.