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Learn about reporting in OLIB.

For Service Pack 11 onwards the Reports domain in OLIB has been re-designed to enable it to be used as the reporting solution for OLIB, to replace J4O.
The major components of the changes include:

  • Drop-down lists to aid the completion of runtime parameter values
  • Preview and run the report directly from the report’s main page
  • Record the previous report output and parameter usage
  • Separate the scheduling, definition and history elements of the report onto separate sheets
  • A button to generate a GETStream URL based on the parameter values
  • A selection of output formats, including as the email body or as an attachment in PDF, MS-Word, comma separated (for MS-Excel), or HTML
  • Record the user who was authenticated when the report was executed
  • Incorporate rolling date capabilities and academic year configuration
  • Simplify the method of delivering new reports

Following on from the release of the OLIB Reports Repository, we are really pleased to be able to confirm that the following reports have been added to or modified since this latest release:

  • CA001 – Titles Catalogued – report no. -3
  • CA002 – Copies Catalogued – report no. -1
  • CA005 – Title Count by Media Type – report no. -8
  • CI001 – Monthly Circulation Statistics – report no. -14
  • CI005 – Title Activity Statistics – report no. -13
  • CI029 – Count of Days Overdue – report no. -52
  • WE001 – WebView/Folio Usage Statistics – report no. -4

Full details on the report functionality can be found in the release documentation.