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OLIB reports appendix

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Appendix A - Updates to Style Records

There are two key updates that were implemented for styles in Service Pack 11. The first was to correct the colour selector so that it operates effectively following the updates to underlying third party libraries in a previous Service Pack.

The second update is to allow a font file to be attached and uploaded into the database using the normal object / file upload method. The font file should be uploaded as an Octet-Stream object.

With Service Pack 11, several new style records are provided for OLIB Reports. These all have names

starting with “Report”. Each has a suitable Open Sans font file pre-uploaded.

Open Sans was chosen as it is a free to use font. Licence details can be found at:

If you are providing your own font files for reporting, it is important to match the appropriate font file from the family which matches the bold and italic selection on the style record.

Each font file can be used by more than one style.

Fonts must be TrueType for use in the PDF generation process.