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Review and amend the mapping

Learn to review and amend record mapping for OLIB.

To find the records for review – run a refined search for Record Source - from a title search.

The count of titles retrieved (which should match the number loaded) will appear.

Retrieve the records to start the review process.

The title details:

The linked object is shown on the Related Items and Control Data sheet of the layout.

From the OPAC, the e-resource can be opened and viewed.

If you want to make an amendment to the mapping – for example, if your local cataloguing does not use Place of publication (260$a) – then search the mapping for that tag.

The mappings search can be found in the MARC21 mappings search in Data Exchange Reference Data domain.

Modify the tag and set it to Remove.

For further information on configuring MARC Mappings refer to the OLIB online help.

For full information on MARC21 tags please refer to the Library of Congress at

Now delete the titles – it is suggested that the Titles for Auto-Deletion folder is used (titles put in this folder are deleted overnight by the Daystart process).

Once the mapping changes have been made and the title deleted – re-import with the new mappings.